Coming Down To The Wire…


Well our Kickstarter ( has only a couple of days left- so if you want to advance order your copy of Girl Genius # 13- the one nominated for a Hugo Award- then you had better get a’movin’ there, buckaroo.

If you’ve already taken a look, you might want to take another, as we’ve been coming up with assorted incentives, such as patches, stickers and the much asked for Corbettite insignia pin. All aboard!

We recently ripped out our entire backyard and pretty much leveled it down to the bare earth. I now have a hobby for the next few years. The most interesting thing I planted is a tea bush. I didn’t know that tea could grow up here, but it says that you can “Grow your own tea!” Now personally, I prefer coffee, but global warming will have to progress quite a bit before I can put in coffee plants. I will let you all know how this particular vegetable experiment works out.