Girl Genius 13 KickStarter ending soon, and silly movies!

Our KickStarter campaign for Volume 13 of the Girl Genius Collection is almost over, we only have a few more days to go.

We haven’t been doing as many stretch goals this time, mostly because we haven’t had the energy for it. All our time has been eaten up with finishing the third prose novel and getting Volume 13 ready for the printer so we can get it out ASAP. I have all kinds of things I wanted to do with this KickStarter that I simply didn’t get to, and it’s really frustrating!

One thing we’ve been assuring people we’ll get to is an unlimited Mamma patch that will be made available for everyone to buy as an add-on. It will also be available later, of course. I finally got Phil to draw the picture for it, and tomorrow I’ll be doing my part of the work: turning it into a patch design. Here’s the raw art:mamma

I can’t wait to get started on it! Unfortunately, I’m having trouble typing because I am getting really tired. Still, by tomorrow night, I hope to have a finished design to show everyone. In the meantime, here’s my ridiculous new video, made by James Ernest! With this, I hope to keep you distracted until I finish the patch design! Muhahahaha!

Good Night! –Kaja