I am the Bottleneck

Hello again!

San Diego ComiCon International Masquerade audience members take note: My Mom made a mistake last week that all at once made me realize just how much I love you. She had been looking at the con’s web site, and casually mentioned how it was a pity they had someone else doing the Masquerade Emcee job this year. I tried to be philosophical about it, but I felt terrible. Then I went and checked the site, and realized that my Mom had been looking at the wrong page. We’re still on for this year’s ComiCon Masquerade. Whew! But I was a bit shocked at my reaction, I knew I liked doing the job, but goodness, I hadn’t known how much. So hooray! I get to stand up there again and see you all, from the best “seat” in the house. I can’t wait! You’re my favorite audience of the year, always!

Before ComiCon, though, we have a couple of other events:

Those of you in the Pacific Northwest of the USA will be interested in the Octopi Port Townsend Brass Screw Confederacy event coming up: June 6-8 in Port Townsend, WA. Phil and I have missed this event the last two years, and are really excited to be attending this year. We’ll have a booth in the “Bazaar” and will also be doing one of our Girl Genius Radio Dramas! Find us on Saturday at 3:30-5pm in Key City Theatre (419 Washington St) for the Girl Genius Live Radio Show.

If schlepping out to Port Townsend isn’t in your cards, you can find us at the Indie Book Fair in Downtown Seattle, taking place June 14-15. The even is sponsored by and operated by A/NT Gallery and Fuzzy Hedgehog Press. There will be lots of authors, books, and swag; so please come visit!

And if you are stuck at home for everything, at least you can visit the page for the Salt City Steamfest, where there is an interview with Phil and me just waiting to be read. It was a lot of fun, please read it!

In other news, our latest KickStarter just finished, and I am still finishing up my last few drawings so I can get those Jägermonster patches made. I’ve been lagging a lot, because I don’t draw much any more and I needed some “getting up to speed”, but I’ve got Oggie started, and it’s going pretty fast now. I’ll keep posting pics as I go! Yes, I’m the bottleneck on the KickStarter project now. Bleh.oggie

More soon! –Kaja