Fantastic Steampunk Music Fills Castle Foglio!

signingtheCDTime to Brag! Here is Phil, with Nathaniel Johnstone and Laura Tempest Zakroff of the Nathaniel Johnstone Band, signing copies of the amazing new CD: The Antikythera Mechanism!

Phil is there signing too, because he got Nathaniel to let him do the cover. The are all grinning like that because they knew I was taking their picture. Heh.

I love the music. My daughter has fallen in love with the first song on the album, Flight of the Icarus, and played it about thirty times this morning. She says it makes her think of great ideas for an RPG adventure. The theme is a gorgeous mix of Steampunk and Greek Mythology, very scholarly and right up the alleys of the classically-minded professors (and lab rats) at TPU.

Also, you can GET TICKETS HERE  for the next live show! if you’re in the Seattle area, there will be a concert this June 13th: Tempest’s Birthday Bash with Artemis featuring TNJB & House of Tarab  at the Columbia City Theater, Seattle, WA. We’re planning to be there!