Kickstarter, eBook sales, Seattle Steampunk, Conventions!

News for Kickstarter backers: be aware: we’ve sent you all links to the backer form that we need you to fill out. Since Kickstarter doesn’t give us your addresses, we need to get that information from you now. This is also a fine time to make sure you’re getting all the exclusives you want–this is the only time those exclusive medals and patches will be available. (The unlimited ones will be available later, in our company store, don’t worry.)

It’s not all work for you, though, I am happy to announce that the “Thank You” wallpaper is now finished and available for all the KS backers. Look for the email with the instructions on how to get it!

An update on the Girl Genius eBook sale: I’m so sorry, I was misinformed and passed the error along to you. Apparently it’s only the FIRST volume of the Girl Genius prose novel series that is on sale. That said, look at the numbers! Our agent sent us this screenshot from the Agatha H. and the Airship City Amazon page, with instructions to brag:Agatha-H.-&-Airship-City

We’re kind of thrilled. Still…Satire? Really? Oh well, we’ll take it. Thank you, everyone!

The Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale in Seattle: It’s this Saturday! I’ll see what I can dig out of the piles to bring along. Goodness knows I have enough nice stuff that needs to go away. It’s this Saturday at: All Pilgrims Christian Church 500 Broadway E, Seattle, Washington 98102. We hope to see you there!comicad_rummagesale

Conventions: I’m still a little flattened from SDCC, but it was a really great time. We’re scrambling to get things done, because we’re going to be heading out again for LonCon very soon. We’re up for another Hugo award, but I expect the TARDIS to land on us quite firmly this year. That’s all right, I have friends going to the awards ceremony, a nice dress, and lots of “clapping for the wonderful, deserving people who aren’t me” practice. And I’ll be in LONDON, which makes everything better. Yay!

Kaja, why are you writing blog posts when Friday’s page isn’t up?: Because I am absolutely beat. This is MUCH easier than all those damn sound effects and word balloons, and it’s another small, screaming monkey knocked off my back. I’ll finish the page up in the morning, and it will still be Friday. Good night, lovely people!