We’ll be signing books at Powell’s Beaverton store on Wednesday!

I’m very excited about this one. The first time I ever visited Powell’s, I was in college. A bunch of us had gone down to Portland for an SCA event, but of course, like good little nerds, we visited Powell’s City of Books. I was blown away. What an amazing place. One of my friends bought Phil’s Buck Godot graphic novels, and I read them on the way home. Ah, memories. Powell’s looms rather large in mine.

Phil and I will be signing at the Powell’s Beaverton location this Wednesday night, January 21, from 7-8 P.M. The occasion is the release of our third prose novel–Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle. The prose novels tell the same story as the graphic novels, but with less (no) pictures and more inner dialog and description. There’s also some extra stuff in there, novels give you a LOT more room for detail.

If you’re planning to come, and have anything at home that you would like signed, of course you can bring it in! (People always ask…) I hope to see lots of happy people there!