Writing is hard!

IMG_1590Our last reading went so well, that we are enthusiastically doing another one this weekend!

It’s at Ada’s Technical Books (http://www.seattletechnicalbooks.com/), which is, hands down, one of the best bookstores in Seattle. We will be there on Saturday, starting at four. We’ll do a reading, answer questions, and sign anything people take the trouble to haul in. If you’re in Seattle this weekend, please join us.

I have heard from a number of fans because they wish to nominate us for the Hugo Awards (which is accepting nominations at the moment), but we have, until now, not provided an actual title for the volume that would be under consideration. A fine example of our marketing prowess, yes?

Now since we’ve entered a new act in the story of Agatha Heterodyne, we are emphasizing this by changing the actual structure of the book titles. Up until now, they’ve always been “Agatha Heterodyne and the Something or Other”. This particular convention was a nod to the old, adverb-laced Tom Swift books, which were lumbered with titles such as “Tom Swift and His Big Dirigible” or “Tom Swift and His House On Wheels”. Amusing (to us, anyway), but it’s been fourteen years already. Time for a change.

And so, the title for the new volume is “Girl Genius; The Beast of the Rails”. Ta dah!

We plan on doing a Kickstarter for this sometime late this month, or early March at the latest, and when we do, we’ll let you all know about it.