Our Espionage Cosmetics Field Trip

Some of you may remember Espionage Cosmetics and the Nailed It! Kickstarter they ran a while back. Well, the Girl Genius nail wraps came in, and Marie, Linda and I drove down to the Espionage offices in Tacoma for the official “pick up your KickStarter stuff” party. The Espionage offices are great, full of the kind of terrific nerdy stuff you’d expect at a company that makes Doctor Who and Firefly-inspired cosmetics. Plus, they fed us cupcakes. Here are the wraps themselves, along with the two I picked up for personal use:espionage02

Lovely! …and here I am with three boxes of Girl Genius nail wraps:


These things are insanely easy to use, I slapped a set on right before going onstage at last year’s San Diego Comicon Masquerade. We’ll be selling them on our store soon, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, they have lots of other great designs at espionagecosmetics.com!