Friday at Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave

Three days left for the Girl Genius/Gunnerkrigg Court game KickStarter from Killer Robot Games…and we’re counting down to our own KickStarter for the next volume of the Girl Genius Collections. We’re currently at Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave in Sacramento California, sitting at a booth in the vendor’s room. Cheyenne is reportedly somewhere, presumably running a game. James Ernest has wandered off to take a nap. Heh.


Ah, I am a liar. As I was writing the above, Cheyenne stopped by the booth with a bunch of prints to sell. James is now standing within view at another booth, the traitor. I guess he didn’t get that nap.

We’re getting ready to do the latest Girl Genius radio theater play, which Phil finally got finished up yesterday afternoon. I really like it. It’s called “Half a Dozen of the Othar.” In it, we figure out what to do with all the Othar Tryggvassens that we accumulate in “Six of One…”, the preceding play.