New Additions to the KickStarter for Girl Genius: the Beast of the Rails

I’ve added a couple of things to the new KickStarter page–a special icon for supporters to use, and a free downloadable wallpaper just for visiting. The link for the wallpaper is about halfway down the page. I’ve also got the art for the Corbettite patch ready to go to the patch makers, here it is:


Yes, we’re doing another KickStarter campaign, our third so far! (Some of our licensees have also done KS campaigns involving Girl Genius, but this is only the third one that’s our own.) Carol and I spent the last two days poking at spreadsheets and getting the campaign set up, and finally, yesterday afternoon, we pushed the button to activate the whole thing. It was a bit terrifying.

This new campaign is for Girl Genius: the Beast of the Rails. It’s book one in the Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne, and it’s a great place to jump into the story if you’re new to the series, or have lost track of where you were in the first part. Please check out the campaign page, and don’t forget to grab the free wallpaper!