A KickStarter Update: More Free GG Advertising Poster levels added!

The Early-Bird Conductor and Early-Bird Engineer levels on the KickStarter include–at no extra charge, mind you–one of our old Girl Genius promotional posters from the very beginning of the comic. They’re folded and have been in a box in our basement for a decade or so, but they’re kind of fun for fans of the series and/or intrepid archaeologists.

Those levels filled up very quickly, to the dismay of some of our supporters. But to our delight, we found another small box of posters! (If running a KickStarter campaign isn’t enough, we are also in the midst of a deep-cleaning of the house. We need the space.) So on Tuesday, we started letting our supporters know that the free extra poster levels would become available on Wednesday.

A lot of our existing “Conductor” and “Engineer” level supporters have now changed their supporter levels to the “Early Bird” versions, but there are still some spaces left! If you want to change your level, it’s easy, there’s a little blue “Manage” button for your pledge right up near the right side of the page–in the green “You’re a Backer!” box. Just click on that button and then choose a new pledge level. If you haven’t pledged yet, you can now get in on those “Early Bird” levels, even though they’re not so “Early” any more. Win!extraposter_sample

We’re also adding all kinds of nice stretch-goals and add-ons–in addition to the signed bookplates and campaign-exclusive stickers and patches. Now, thanks to stretch goals, everyone getting a book in the mail will also get a “Thank You” picture of Bangladesh DuPree, similar to the Agatha and Mamma Gkika pictures from the past two campaigns.

I’m wearing out my fingers getting all the production work done for this campaign, I’ll have more art up as I get it in viewable shape. Thank you for your support and patience, everybody!

More soon–Kaja