We got the Beast of the Rails patch art done…just in time…

This patch is the campaign exclusive for the KickStarter we’re running right now, and we wanted to make it really nice. This isn’t usually a problem, but for whatever reason, this time it was HARD! What you’re seeing here is the third try. I was banging my head against my desk trying to work with a different piece of art that Phil had drawn…one that looked more like the actual train from the story. It looked awful. I mean, I like the train character and all, but it just wasn’t working.

Carol suggested we try a judicious application of bears. Bears were added. This was a step in the right direction. Phil redrew the engine. It still wasn’t working. Finally, Phil drew the skull symbol version that you see here. I poked around with it for a few more hours, and finally we had something we liked. Hooray!

So here it is: beast_patch_sampleAs you can see, we’re making it a large one. Remember, this won’t be available to anyone outside of the KickStarter. so be sure to support at the “Conductor” level or above if you want one!