Huzzah! The Kickstarter is Over–

IMG_1481-and we did pretty well. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and to all the people who are crying that they ‘just missed’ the campaign (sigh), rest assured that we will have stuff for sale as soon as possible. Not everything, of course, the fabulous accoutrements that we said are campaign exclusives, are indeed campaign exclusives and those who did not claim them by contributing to the Kickstarter will be forced to stand to the side and watch those who did as they stride, glittering, amongst you. Take some comfort in gnashing your teeth, and vowing to your Dark Gods to support our next campaign–OR ELSE!

In other news, I am always happy when webcartoonists engage in the fun game of “shout out”, where you reference other creators comics, and they do the same to you. We have one such in today’s Girl Genius, where I get to portray ‘Doc’ from The Whiteboard (, who has actually shouted out to us several times. Doc is one of my favorite comic mad scientists. I was introduced to the Whiteboard by my old friend Alice Bentley (who is now a partner at Dreamhaven Books []). When I asked her what the strip was about, she just looked at me for a minute and then confessed that although she’d been reading it for years, she still wasn’t sure. Having read it for years myself now, I believe it has something to do with paintball, but don’t quote me.