Some News for Our KickStarter backers:

The KickStarter aftermath continues! We will be posting official updates on the KickStarter page, and Carol will have more detailed information for you all, but I want to write a little about it myself, so here it is. As always, please remember to send KickStarter questions to the actual campaign manager on the KickStarter campaign page.

If you followed the link in our email, and filled out your survey at After the Crowd early, your books will ship to you from the printer this week. If you didn’t fill out the survey, please do. If you filled out the survey in the last couple of days, your address may not have made it to the printer in time to ship directly, and your books will be sent to you once the shipment arrives at our Studio. Don’t worry, we’ll send them out as soon as we can–although it will be sometime after July 15th. If you don’t have the email with the link, or are having problems, please contact us THROUGH THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN PAGE! We have a helper managing the KickStarter rewards, and using the right contact makes sure she’ll see your message. Phil and I are NOT good about looking at or answering email.

Books and five basic extras will ship individually from the printer this week! Those of you who backed for books, and have filled out the survey from After the Crowd, will be getting your books straight from the printer! (You should have got a link to it in an email. If you didn’t, please contact us through the KickStarter page.)  Packages are going out this week. Along with your book, you will get the little bundle of rewards that everyone getting a book gets. (That is, the portrait of Bang, the bookmark, the TPU card, the medal sticker and the signed bookplate.) Because of the way the printer is shipping things, each book will be shipped separately, so if you ordered two or more books, don’t panic when you get a package with only one. The other(s) should be along shortly. The nice result of this is that you’ll get a goody pack with each book, so you win!

All other add-ons will ship in mid-to-late July! Everything else, all the things that were optional add-ons, will be shipped from our Studio once we get home from Comic-Con, and once all the items make it to us from the manufacturers. Don’t worry, none of these will take as long as last year’s medals did…(argh.) This includes all the patches, the sketchbooks, and all the sticker sets except for the medal sticker, which is shipping with the books.

PDFs and the wallpaper are in the works. I hope to have the files for the PDF and wallpaper prepped soon. The PDFs will be distributed by our associates at, just like last time. The wallpaper will be a simple download, and I’ll let you all know when it’s available.

And finally, a look at the process! The big pain award this year goes to the “Glorious Day for Science” patch featuring Agatha, which has been a huge nuisance. Here’s some art to show you the steps we’ve gone through, although the final is yet to come:patch_mistakeAnd that’s all the information I have right now. Please remember to direct questions to the actual campaign manager on the KickStarter campaign page. We’ve tried to disable communication on this blog page, but I’m not sure we’ve managed it completely, so don’t be fooled. We don’t look at mail here!