The Great Murder Mystery Prequel Game and Kill Doctor Lucky Wrap Party!


We’re thrilled to see that our friends over at Cheapass Games are doing well with their latest KickStarter–it’s the 19.5th anniversary edition of the murder mystery prequel game Kill Doctor Lucky! In the game, Phil and I are aspiring culprits, and you can see us making our nefarious attempts on the life of poor old Doctor Lucky in the KickStarter’s video. (I actually manage to get him. Pity the editor cut the bit where we both fell on the grass and rolled. It was very surprising.)

We’re especially looking forward to the wrap party at Lucky Mansion. It’s on Friday the 13th, which seems appropriate, at the Old Consulate Inn in Port Townsend. There are three rooms available for high-level backers of the KickStarter, so there’s the chance that we’ll have some new faces there. If not, the old usuals will kick back and relax by NOT killing Doctor Lucky–although, since one of the attending luminaries is to be the actual actor who plays Doctor Lucky, we’ll probably play the game with him!

The picture at the top is the despicable Mumford Consequence (played by Phil Foglio) who, despite showing every sign of enjoying his time as a guest at Lucky Mansion, is secretly plotting to kill the old boy. (Phil promises not to sing at the wrap party, by the way.)