Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Legendary Showdown is Here!


Well! Killer Robot’s Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic game featuring Girl Genius and the wonderful  Gunnerkrigg Court has now shipped! Our copies arrived a little while ago, and we’re very pleased with them. Even if you missed the preorder window, they of course still have the game for sale on the Killer Robot Games web site…and I imagine also at all the lovely game shops out there in this “Real World” that I’ve heard so much about.

There are also gorgeous challenge coins and fun magnet sets associated with the project, also on the Killer Robot store site. I don’t know how many they have left, so I have to make sure to get a handful of them for future use before they’re gone. I am beyond thrilled at how the coins came out!

Washing the Dog

midna_bathHere is Midna, who has just been washed. This means that everything in the bathroom now has black fuzz on it. I’m lucky, she seems to have figured out that the skin on her rump is less itchy when she’s been in the shower. She’ll walk right in. I won’t say she loves it, but she’s up for it. The shampoo the vet gives us has to sit on her skin for ten minutes! This means that I have to stay in the shower with a big wet dog for ten minutes. I use the time to condition my own hair, which is dry and horrible and really needs it.

The thing she really loves is the dog dryer, which is nice and warm and comes with lots of smelly treats.

For the record, Midna never sits on my books.

The Official Death of Rats Plush


I promised I’d show off the new Death of Rats plush when it arrived, and here he is, enthroned on the book shelf. He’s really nicely made, and I love the manic grin. I also like the blue “glow” in the eye “sockets.” I ordered him from the Discworld Emporium. They also have a Librarian, but I resisted. DE is one of the shops I love ordering from, they make their packaging glorious with in-universe stamps and amusing flyers from the Ankh-Morpork  Post Office. (Actually, the last one was from the Thieves Guild. Apparently I have very little worth stealing.)

Cats against reading

cat_on_bookI know that cats getting in the way when you’re trying to read isn’t anything new, but I took a picture anyway. This happens nearly every morning. The cat is portable, it’s true, and presumably I could pick him up and move him off my book, but he is very persistent, and I am very lazy. So it becomes a running battle between the cat, who wants to be RIGHT IN MY FACE and me, who is still sleepy and trying to read. Also, he is a great cat. So I put up with a lot.

Kenpo, Card Games, Shortbread

shortbreadThings that have been going on here in the Studio…Phil, I, and the large-size kid managed to go from Kenpo white belt (absolute bottom rank) to yellow this weekend. So now all my muscles hurt. Still, it’s nice to not be a total noob any more. Just kind of a noob. Heh. The fun-size kid already earned hers last month, so for a while she got to outrank us all. I think she enjoyed it.

Phil has begun work on card art for a new version of the Girl Genius game The Works, which some of you may remember from way back when we first started working on Girl Genius. James Ernest over at Cheapass Games wants to bring out a new edition, and we’re all very excited about the idea.

Also, I made the shortbread in the picture, which really surprised me by turning out so nicely! I bought the silicone mold on a whim, and used the recipe that came with it. Next I’ll try it with some other recipes to see how it works. It’s very pretty. I do wish I could make one with trilobites, though. Hmm…