Kenpo, Card Games, Shortbread

shortbreadThings that have been going on here in the Studio…Phil, I, and the large-size kid managed to go from Kenpo white belt (absolute bottom rank) to yellow this weekend. So now all my muscles hurt. Still, it’s nice to not be a total noob any more. Just kind of a noob. Heh. The fun-size kid already earned hers last month, so for a while she got to outrank us all. I think she enjoyed it.

Phil has begun work on card art for a new version of the Girl Genius game The Works, which some of you may remember from way back when we first started working on Girl Genius. James Ernest over at Cheapass Games wants to bring out a new edition, and we’re all very excited about the idea.

Also, I made the shortbread in the picture, which really surprised me by turning out so nicely! I bought the silicone mold on a whim, and used the recipe that came with it. Next I’ll try it with some other recipes to see how it works. It’s very pretty. I do wish I could make one with trilobites, though. Hmm…