Our Latest Paperback is Here!

paperback_catsYes, the paperback edition of the third Girl Genius prose novel Agatha H and the Voice of the Castle can be had at your favorite bookshop, here at Amazon or here at Barnes & Noble. It is also available in audio and digital formats. I am so happy!

Late last week, we were surprised by a big box that came in the mail. It looks like our wonderful publisher has decided to give us a paperback edition! Hooray! I took pictures of Phil with the box, but none of them came out well. Then I noticed that pictures with our cats in them seem to get seen more than other pictures, and, well, the conclusion is obvious. Here are our cats with the new book.

You may notice they’ve lost their kittenish tabby stripes. All the black cats I’ve had start out with black-on-black tabby patterns but they lose them as they get bigger. And bigger. And BIGGER. Somehow all my cats get huge. I go for black cats when I can, because I think they’re gorgeous. Also because I’m told they’re harder to adopt out. Also because, although I’m not particularly into the occult, I enjoy the cartoon Halloween association. Yes, check out the goofball who just fell off the table. Isn’t he spoooooky?! Hee hee.