I’m running low on shrub!


The last two times I’ve been to the Seattle Steampunk Exhibition, I’ve bought bottles of shrub from the Sage & Sea Farms booth in the vendor room.  Shrub, in this case, is a fruit flavored drinking vinegar that’s just as historical as all get-out, and the samples they hand out at the con are very seductive! Still, the bottles sat neglected on the shelf for a long time, until I discovered that it’s very good for settling my stomach. So I’ve been using a little bit of my stash every day. I mix it out with water and it’s really nice. Hooray for simple chemistry!

Now I’m getting low, I’m thinking I’ll make some of my own. It’s a very simple recipe, and I can experiment with different flavors. I’ll probably still pick up a couple of my favorites next year at the con, though! –Kaja