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Running the City of Lightning Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign is chugging along nicely, and we’ll be able to print the books, so huzzah! I’ve also got a lot of stretch goals I want to do, figuring out what order I want to do them in is the big challenge. I know that in one of his posts, Phil made it sound like we don’t know what to do next, but that’s not actually the case…he was just being flippant. It’s mostly a case of how fast can I get the designs done.

Putting the whole thing together was interesting this time, because I was pretty much on my own for the first time. Well, I say that, but actually I had three earlier campaigns to build on, which gave me a lot of ideas about how to go about it, and what not to do this time. I also still had lots of advice from Carol over at Cheapass Games, where they run some really great KickStarter campaigns, and really know what they’re doing.

Now that the campaign is running, we’ve got our Master of Email Chris watching the comments, with Phil helping out here and there. And Cheyenne made the lightning-y bit at the start of the video, as well as the moving elements the train, Paris and Geister scenes. Why, it’s practically animation!

So you see, I’m still working like a crazy person, but I’m not actually all by myself in this, no matter how much I whinge. Thanks, everybody!


Anime I’ve been watching!

I’ve been working steadily on the Kickstarter campaign, (which has another 19 days to go, but has now funded, hooray and thank you!) but every so often I have to stop and rest. So I flop into a chair and watch some anime on Crunchyroll. Right now, I’m really enjoying three series.

The first is Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: historical drama about comedic storytellers and their terrible lives. It is…SO GOOD…

The next is Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) another drama, this time with supernatural elements. It deals with a serial killer who targets children who are socially isolated. (Yikes.) It’s creepy and horrible and also really, really good.

The last one I’m currently following is Osomatsu-San, which is NOT a drama. It’s a raunchy goofball slapstick comedy, and frankly, it’s absolutely dreadful, not at all the sort of thing I usually go for. And yet, here I am happily waiting for the next episode. Heh. My favorite review on the Crunchyroll site says: “I can now distinguish between six completely identical cartoon men and tell you, in detail, why I love each one of them.” Yes! That! So true! So funny!

And of course, they’re all ongoing, so I have to wait a week for each new episode. I’ll just have to get more work done.

Oh, also, Phil is off to Wondercon this weekend, his plane just landed. He’ll be at booth 1610!

We Made It!


Huzzah! Those of you not obsessively clicking on our latest Kickstarter ( every five minutes (which would be us, the people we work with, and my mom {hi, mom!}), might not be aware that we successfully funded our Kickstarter for Girl Genius: City of Lightning! So those fence-sitters amongst you who were waiting to see if we’d actually make it before committing? You may now support us, secure in the knowledge that you will definitely get that book!

In fact, we funded so early, that now we have to craft an increasingly byzantine set of stretch goal rewards.  I am told that there is an identifiable subset of backers that take great delight in trying to get creators to have to commit to exorbitant stretch goals. Many will no doubt remember Rich Burlew’s promise to open an Order of the Stick Fantasyland & Mosh Pit themepark after his wildly successful, multi-million dollar Kickstarter of several years ago. Well, ha ha, skeptics! That’s opening next week! We take inspiration from this.

If people wish to congratulate me in person, they may do so this weekend at Wondercon, where I will be manning the Girl Genius booth (Booth # 1610).

Here’s Phil’s valentine present


K, I promise not to make this a cooking blog, but I need to show off the Valentine’s day present I made for Phil. He’s been out here in Seattle for a long time, now, but he does miss Chicago style pizza. This one came out looking so lovely, I had to post braggy pictures. I meant to post this back in February, but I got kind of busy!

Cookery and Research

spotteddogI got a horrible cold around the end of January, and somewhere amidst the fog of yuck, I decided that what I really needed was steamed pudding. So this happened.

I love books on historical cookery. I’ve had this one for about a bazillion years, because if you like such books, this is the one EVERYBODY talks about first. So it’s a part of my collection–but I’d never got around to reading the actual novels it’s referencing! Everyone always tells me they’re great, so I had them down on my list of “treats for later.”

(I did pick up “The Golden Ocean” years ago, but Phil tidied up before I’d really been able to get into it, and that was the end of that.)

Last month, I finally started the research project that is the Aubrey/Maturin series, and all its little companion volumes that make the series that much more fun to read. Hooray! It really is that good! Argh! I haven’t had time to read in the last couple weeks! Prepping this Kickstarter campaign has completely eaten all my time and brainpower. When things calm down, it’s back to sea for me…


Phil will be in Los Angeles next weekend!


2016_wonderconPhil will be in Los Angeles next weekend–WonderCon has moved, and he’s really looking forward to seeing the new venue. He’ll also be at the Masquerade, as usual! We have some free bookmarks in honor of our current Kickstarter campaign for the latest Girl Genius collection, so if you’re at the con, stop by the table, pick one up, and say “Hi!”