Running the City of Lightning Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter campaign is chugging along nicely, and we’ll be able to print the books, so huzzah! I’ve also got a lot of stretch goals I want to do, figuring out what order I want to do them in is the big challenge. I know that in one of his posts, Phil made it sound like we don’t know what to do next, but that’s not actually the case…he was just being flippant. It’s mostly a case of how fast can I get the designs done.

Putting the whole thing together was interesting this time, because I was pretty much on my own for the first time. Well, I say that, but actually I had three earlier campaigns to build on, which gave me a lot of ideas about how to go about it, and what not to do this time. I also still had lots of advice from Carol over at Cheapass Games, where they run some really great KickStarter campaigns, and really know what they’re doing.

Now that the campaign is running, we’ve got our Master of Email Chris watching the comments, with Phil helping out here and there. And Cheyenne made the lightning-y bit at the start of the video, as well as the moving elements the train, Paris and Geister scenes. Why, it’s practically animation!

So you see, I’m still working like a crazy person, but I’m not actually all by myself in this, no matter how much I whinge. Thanks, everybody!