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Just Got Back From Ohio

Over the last weekend, Kaja and I were guests at MarCon, which was a very nice science fiction convention in Columbus, Ohio. The con was fun, and everyone seems to have decided that what we need are fresh baked cookies and/or butter tarts. On the one hand, this is the sort of thing we want to encourage, on the other hand, we are loath to wake up one morning and realize we now weigh a thousand pounds. This is no doubt one of those tricky, modern ethical dilemmas you hear about.

Certainly the high point was watching a performance of The Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole, which was a commedia dell’ Arte-style performance that required two collaborating troupes to pull it off; ‘The Confused Greenies’, and ‘i Sebastiani’ (the greatest Commedia Dell’ Arte troupe in the entire world®). Both of these fine groups are available for hire for your convention, revel, or corporate management getaway.

And finally, I am sure that S.F. con goers are aware that many cons give away free books. I have actually had extraordinary good luck as far as these giveaway books go, and my luck continues, as I found a copy of Guy Haley’s ‘Champion of Mars’ in my goody bag. I’d never heard of it, even though it came out back in 2012. Possibly because it has one of the worst covers imaginable, and that is saying something. However, once you get past that, you find a fascinating story that bounces back and forth between the early terraforming stage of the colonization of Mars- and seventy thousand years in the future, when mankind is fighting a war against extra-dimensional entities in a Barsoom inspired future. I was hooked from the first page, and was actually annoyed that my plane was landing, because I had to stop reading for awhile. It is an overlooked gem that deserves to be better known! (

Girl Genius Kickstarter Stretch Goals


Our Kickstarter campaign is nearly over! We’re really close to the stretch goal that lets us add inserts to the Kickstarter medals. This is my favorite stretch goal, purely because it’s a fun free extra we can add to make the medals even better! My favorite stretch goals are the ones where I get to give the backers extra free stuff. I don’t think I’m cut out for business.

Today Phil is at the Emerald City ComicCon, and I’m home working on the last two pieces of design I need for this campaign: a patch and pin for the Incorruptible Library. These last two have been driving me crazy, but now I have the time to finish them, so whew.

Yesterday, we did a Girl Genius radio play at the con, and it went over very well! The audience was great, (in that they actually laughed instead of just sitting there and looking at us) and the actors we pulled from the audience (like we usually do) were really on the mark. There was a lot of enthusiasm, and that always makes for an energetic and fun performance.

We had to cancel our Kenpo lesson this week, because of all the timey-crunchy things going on, but I saw our instructor at the con. So I got to tell him about how, while at the booth, my chair got pushed aside as I was standing to talk to someone, and when I sat back down…it wasn’t there and I went…what’s the technical term? Ass over teakettle? I was so proud of myself…I slapped out beautifully and was completely unhurt. Of course, I looked ridiculous, and scared everyone around me, but yeah, I was pretty thrilled with myself. So…hooray for martial arts.

And that’s all the adventures I have to report today. I’ll be back later to pester you with those new designs!


Cookery and Research

spotteddogI got a horrible cold around the end of January, and somewhere amidst the fog of yuck, I decided that what I really needed was steamed pudding. So this happened.

I love books on historical cookery. I’ve had this one for about a bazillion years, because if you like such books, this is the one EVERYBODY talks about first. So it’s a part of my collection–but I’d never got around to reading the actual novels it’s referencing! Everyone always tells me they’re great, so I had them down on my list of “treats for later.”

(I did pick up “The Golden Ocean” years ago, but Phil tidied up before I’d really been able to get into it, and that was the end of that.)

Last month, I finally started the research project that is the Aubrey/Maturin series, and all its little companion volumes that make the series that much more fun to read. Hooray! It really is that good! Argh! I haven’t had time to read in the last couple weeks! Prepping this Kickstarter campaign has completely eaten all my time and brainpower. When things calm down, it’s back to sea for me…


Phil will be in Los Angeles next weekend!


2016_wonderconPhil will be in Los Angeles next weekend–WonderCon has moved, and he’s really looking forward to seeing the new venue. He’ll also be at the Masquerade, as usual! We have some free bookmarks in honor of our current Kickstarter campaign for the latest Girl Genius collection, so if you’re at the con, stop by the table, pick one up, and say “Hi!”

Music Night Happened!


A while ago I backed this KickStarter for Strangely, a musician who is a friend of friends of friends. The reward was that Strangely would come to your house (or workplace, or whatever) and perform a song for you. Hooray! Carol over at Cheapass Games was also a backer, and we decided to combine our rewards into one event…and then things kind of snowballed.

Seriously, we just thought he’d come over, we’d give him some drinks, maybe feed him, and he’d play a song for each of us. Instead, we wound up having a full evening of music featuring Strangely, the Nathaniel Johnstone Band (Nathaniel, Kate and Dogwood), Sarah Shay, her brother Aaron Shay, and even Xanthea, an artist visiting all the way from Perth. It was so much fun! These people have incredible talent, and we were ridiculously lucky to be able to experience so much of it in our own living room.

January can be a hard time of year, when the twinkly lights go down but the nights are still long and dark.  I love the way everything looks, with the silver weather and the beautiful dark nights, but it still hits me hard emotionally. It’s probably chemical. I do a lot with full-spectrum lights. My point is, an evening of wild, cheerful, live music was so very much just the thing for a dark winter’s night. I had no idea. Clearly, I need to get out more.

All of these folks have websites, CDs and/or Patreons and do all kinds of traveling to festivals and events, and are well worth looking up online, and keeping an eye out for local sightings!


The Fantastic Jen Page!

I got to hang out with actress/model/wonderful artist person Jen Page at the Kill Doctor Lucky shoot a while back, and she’s really interesting! I love the mermaid prints she’s been doing—especially this one of Ariel as Sea Queen. I’m told she went down to the beach to do the shoot, and there was this fabulous driftwood throne just waiting for her. Nice! I love how she takes her basic modeling shots and transforms them into gorgeous fantasy prints—the driftwood throne was apparently not actually underwater when they took the pictures…(really?)
I’m also grateful to her for pointing me at Faerie Magazine, a lovely publication that I went straight home and subscribed to. It’s so very pretty…
Jen is all over the Kill Doctor Lucky videos, the character short for Janet Principle (that I’ve linked at the top of the post) is my favorite!