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Anime I’ve been watching!

I’ve been working steadily on the Kickstarter campaign, (which has another 19 days to go, but has now funded, hooray and thank you!) but every so often I have to stop and rest. So I flop into a chair and watch some anime on Crunchyroll. Right now, I’m really enjoying three series.

The first is Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: historical drama about comedic storytellers and their terrible lives. It is…SO GOOD…

The next is Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) another drama, this time with supernatural elements. It deals with a serial killer who targets children who are socially isolated. (Yikes.) It’s creepy and horrible and also really, really good.

The last one I’m currently following is Osomatsu-San, which is NOT a drama. It’s a raunchy goofball slapstick comedy, and frankly, it’s absolutely dreadful, not at all the sort of thing I usually go for. And yet, here I am happily waiting for the next episode. Heh. My favorite review on the Crunchyroll site says: “I can now distinguish between six completely identical cartoon men and tell you, in detail, why I love each one of them.” Yes! That! So true! So funny!

And of course, they’re all ongoing, so I have to wait a week for each new episode. I’ll just have to get more work done.

Oh, also, Phil is off to Wondercon this weekend, his plane just landed. He’ll be at booth 1610!