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The Library Hunter Patch and Pin Designs!


I did it! So pleased with myself am I! I was afraid I wouldn’t get these done before the Girl Genius: City of Lightning Kickstarter campaign ends this Tuesday the 12th, but I did! Woo and also Hoo!

I still have several other tasks associated with the Kickstarter, but for now, I can go get food, play the Kitty Paw game my daughter bought at ECCC, and breathe for a while. At least until Phil gets home to do his pass on the comic page that goes up tonight…after which I have to finish that. It’s a full life…

The Professoressa’s General Studio Report for June 29

It’s warmer than we like here in Seattle, but the weather is so beautiful and blue that it’s hard to complain. We’re lucky to have a good heat pump in the house, which doubles as an air conditioner, so things aren’t too horrible. Of course, the Studio level of the house is the one place that stays warm, the attic has a little window-mount air conditioner that keeps it comfy, and the heat pump keeps the basement and first floor nice, but the second floor…well, it gets warm. We have fans going to move the air around. Hooray for Science!

I hurt my back, and am alternately howling in pain and drooling because the meds make me goofy. Because my contribution to story sessions lately has been a series of variations on “hurr…durr…” and “Arrgh!,” Phil has grabbed the opportunity to draw up several of the poster designs he’s been wanting to do. He’s trying to get them done in time to have some nice new posters for the San Diego Comic-Con. Cheyenne is doing an amazing job with the colors, as you can see if you have a look at the main girlgeniusonline.com site, where we’re posting the results as our updates. It’s really nice to be getting some of these done–especially the series he’s working on right now. (You’ll see…)

We will be at our usual booth at Comic-Con, 1331 in the webcomics area. This year, although Carol and our other helpers will be running the booth all during the show, Phil and I will have set hours for our booth time. (We’ll post them here and at the table itself once we’ve worked out what they are.)

Conventions have been changing for us in recent years. We have a LOT of books out now, and the whole set is kind of heavy…we’re seeing more and more readers who buy online rather than at the con. A clever way of dealing with the weight of books you want signed is to carry a few nice book plates. When you meet an author whose book you don’t have with you, you can get a bookplate signed and stick it into your book when you get home. I learned this trick ages ago at a WorldCon when I was sitting at one end of an autograph table…and Anne McCaffery was sitting at the other. There were people standing around with big stacks of books, and one lady with a nice little stack of bookplates. She had me sign one, and gave me a couple so that, when I finished signing for my little line, I could go join in the big line down the way. Such an elegant solution!

The solution to our convention table problem seems to be to bring more fun extra things to sell. Our recent KickStarter helped us out a lot with that…we will soon have stickers and patches as well as the pins we usually bring. The stickers and some of the patches have arrived, and we’re still wrestling with a few of the designs. The really sticky one is the Agatha patch, which I had really hoped to have for San Diego. Unfortunately, the first sample was terrible (my fault, due to the design I sent in.) The second one needs tweaks, but it’s almost there. So it’s taking extra time. Still, we’ll have some nice new things at the booth this year in addition to the Girl Genius Collection books.

We’ve really been doing the Victorian thing this week–having our stickers all packed in their nice little baggies by authentic child labor. This time, they got paid in staying-up-late hours. Ah, summer vacation…


I was typing away, and got about two paragraphs in to a bunch of specific information for our KickStarter backers, when I realized that I really should put that in another post. So I’ll do that… KickStarter backers, hang in there, I have a bunch of information for you!

That reminds me that Phil just did something to his computer that makes it sound like he’s typing. I have no idea what it is, and haven’t decided if I like it or if it drives me crazy. It’s pretty cool, either way.

I’ve been knocking myself out trying to get all of the booth materials together. We like to have bookmarks and other promotional material at the table, and all that has to be designed and ordered. I’ve also put together a series of mini-prints this year, and I’m kind of excited to see how those do. Right now, I’m working on a trifold pamphlet for the table–something to give to people who have no idea what Girl Genius is…but also something that lists all the stuff we make. People are always surprised that we have novels, or pins, or nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics…so I want to make something that puts all that information in one place. I hope I get it pulled together in time.

That’s all to report right now, I’ll get that KickStarter post up, too. Enjoy your day, everyone!


What I did last week…


Here’s an art project I did last week, right before I had to get on a plane for Sacramento. (And yes, Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave was a lot of fun!) I wound up staying up all night on this one, because although painting all those little squares looks like it should go really fast, the fact is that somehow it doesn’t. Ugh. Someday I will learn my lesson and not volunteer for things. Still, I love what the folks at the school did with it…the display is fantastic. I made a Girl Genius gift basket for the same charity auction (forgot to get a photo…oh, well…) and it wasn’t anywhere near as nice as this one. It’s hard to pack everything in so it shows, especially when you’re dealing with a pile of flat things (books and stickers and such.)