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Krosp is in the Catamancer Game!

Soooo…the folks with the Catamancer online card game (now in Closed Beta) have shared the art for the Krosp card with us, and given us permission to share it with you!krosp-1The whole game is looking hilarious, and really, really gorgeous, and we’re tickled to death that they asked permission to include Krosp. Here he is close up:krospSo regal. Heh.


The Legendary Showdown is Here!


Well! Killer Robot’s Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic game featuring Girl Genius and the wonderful  Gunnerkrigg Court has now shipped! Our copies arrived a little while ago, and we’re very pleased with them. Even if you missed the preorder window, they of course still have the game for sale on the Killer Robot Games web site…and I imagine also at all the lovely game shops out there in this “Real World” that I’ve heard so much about.

There are also gorgeous challenge coins and fun magnet sets associated with the project, also on the Killer Robot store site. I don’t know how many they have left, so I have to make sure to get a handful of them for future use before they’re gone. I am beyond thrilled at how the coins came out!

Our Lives as Would-Be Murderers

murderersTwo weekends ago, James Ernest of Cheapass Games threw a pretty great slumber party up at the Old Consulate Inn in Port Townsend. The actual point of the gathering was a film shoot for the upcoming 19.5 year anniversary release of James’ most popular game: Kill Doctor Lucky.

The game is an old-fashioned murder mystery prequel. Every guest at Lucky Mansion has an excellent reason to want Doctor Lucky dead–and everyone wants to be the one to do it. So everyone is sneaking around the mansion trying to kill Doctor Lucky, and keep the others from killing him first.

…and that is exactly what we all did for the cameras. It was huge amounts of fun. I can’t wait to see the footage.

Take a Look at the Coins for the Legendary Showdown KickStarter

The Legendary Showdown KickStarter is doing well. This is gratifying, since Girl Genius is one of the two webcomics featured in this edition. The other comic in this set, Gunnerkrigg Court, is consistently on the list of our readers’ favorite webcomics, and rightly so. It’s a wonderful work. We’re very pleased to be in the same set!

If you haven’t yet had a look at the KS page, you really should, they have some fun rewards that I’m quite looking forward to. The coins are especially lovely. I’m planning to use the Moxana one as a watch fob. Actually, that’s what I designed it for. I know it was supposed to be a challenge coin, but I have never been handed a challenge coin without wishing it had a hole in it so I could use it for…well, anything at all, really. I’m a bad collector. (Not that you’d know it to look at the piles of stuff in my house.)


I really love that first one, with the robot from Gunnerkrigg. I’ve never worked with the company that makes these, myself, (these coins are being done by Killer Robot Games, not by Studio Foglio) but I think I’ll be contacting them. I really like the look of these samples. They’re getting a lot of nice depth in the relief.

You’ll notice that the TPU one looks weird…that’s because I turned the design in kind of late. So there are samples made of all the others, but not that one…not yet. Argh. Still, I think it’ll look great. It’s the fob that all the sparks who’ve been at TPU carry so they can flash it at their colleagues at the Mad Scientist conventions and inspire comradery, envy, or bitter rivalry, depending upon the situation. The Moxana one is, of course, a souvenir from Master Payne’s Circus of Adventure.

The Gathering: Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic


Phil and I have both turned in our artwork for this project, and it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic book. I am really curious about the stretch goals they’ve got coming up…it’s a secret to everyone!

I tried to embed the KickStarter video in this post, but I still can’t quite make it work. Oh, well. Here’s a nice picture instead.