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The Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta (and Fancy Hat Party) at Steamposium


Here is Cheyenne and the winners of the 2015 Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta at the Seattle Steamposium. Congratulations, all you winning captains and crews, and confusion to all the dastardly air pirates whose target practice event was incomprehensibly scheduled for the same time and venue. (How does that keep happening?)

Also, congratulations to Cheyenne, Eli and Maxine, who organized the spectacular extravaganza!

Steamposium Seattle is Coming this Weekend!

Yes, it’s Steamposim Seattle! The Second annual Steamposium event here in the Northwest, and we’ll be there! As you can see from the lovely poster Cheyenne has created for the con, there will be a reprisal of the traditional airship regatta that he and his wife Eli used to run at Steamcon, back in the day. Phil and I will also be doing a reading, and yes, there WILL be another Girl Genius radio play! We got a couple of big boxes of Steampunk Munchkin in just yesterday, so we’re all set. I hope we’ll see you there! ggmain20150922

We Are Living In An Interconnected World Folks- And Don’t You Forget It


Thus, when people we know do things we think are cool, it behooves us to mention it.

First up is our very own Cheyenne Wright, who is currently slumming as the colorist for Girl Genius. He is posting a series of videos about how he colors things, and it is very entertaining. One of his latest is a tutorial on how he did the Corbettite pinstripes. Originally, I was going to draw all of those furshluginer lines in myself. But Cheyenne said that he’d prefer to do it himself. The results were well better than I could have done, so well done Cheyenne! Here is his tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b8bv63z7vM). I now expect a lot more comic characters to be strutting about in pinstripes, and the world will be a better place for it.

Our other recommendation is for those people who actually live within a hundred miles of Seattle proper, and are looking for something interesting to do this Friday night. Our good friend Master Payne–yes, the guy we based the character in Girl Genius on– will be having a live show called ACTS OF DESPERATION. It will be at 102 Cherry St. In Seattle, 98104 at 7:00 PM, and you can get tickets here (http://www.brownpapertickets.com/) Payne will also be doing a series of Girl Genius themed shows through-out the Seattle Library System this summer, which are well worth watching. We’ll post about those when the times and venues are nailed down.

Sunday at Doctor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave!


We’re heading into the last day of Killer Robot Games’ KickStarter for the Girl Genius/Gunnerkrigg Court game Legendary Showdown, Machines and Magic! Above I’ve posted yet another picture of the Moxana fob that is one of the rewards, because I can’t get enough of it. There are several other rewards as well, including the wonderful battle magnet set featuring GG and Gunnerkrigg characters. Please support the campaign if you want one of these great rewards!

It’s Sunday here at the Conclave, and we’re here in the dealer’s room. It’s been a lot of fun! The radio play was fun. This new one has so many characters that we had to pull most of the Friday night audience into the show. Thank goodness for the Aether Brigade, who showed up to read a bunch of parts for us. The Aether Brigade is the local time-traveling comedy troupe, and their show last night was a huge success. They even let me do something. (heh heh heh.)

Cheyenne was here, too, and he spent a lot of the time running a Savage Worlds campaign set in the Girl Genius world. Apparently it was a lot of fun, three people have stopped by to say they loved it. I do know that the materials he’d written up were really fun to read.

James Ernest is also here, demoing a whole bunch of his games. We had a whole pile of his Pairs decks here at the con, so he signed a bunch of those. Now he’s leaving for the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas. Visit him if you’ll be there!

And now, our Q&A session is due to start in about twenty minutes. Are you here at the conclave? Come and ask us questions!

The Wright Stuff


A big shout-out to our very own Cheyenne Wright, who just learned that he is nominated for three (3!) ENnie Awards! (http://www.ennie-awards.com/blog/2014-ennie-awards-nominees/) The ENnies are awarded for excellence in assorted aspects of tabletop gaming, and since Cheyenne is a busy boy, he’s up in three separate categories. Good luck to him!

Speaking of awards, we just received our Hugo ballots, and were reminded that we are up for Best Graphic Story. If you are a member of Worldcon and want to vote for Girl Genius, ballots are due by August 1! If you want to vote for any of our admittedly excellent competitors, the deadline is August 2.

Here art home, we are gearing up for the yearly endurance test that is the San Diego Comic Con. We will be in Booth 1331, which is in the heart of the Webcomics Domain, and you should mosey on by if you want some of the best comics out there. Just sayin’.