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The Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta (and Fancy Hat Party) at Steamposium


Here is Cheyenne and the winners of the 2015 Lady Heterodyne Airship Regatta at the Seattle Steamposium. Congratulations, all you winning captains and crews, and confusion to all the dastardly air pirates whose target practice event was incomprehensibly scheduled for the same time and venue. (How does that keep happening?)

Also, congratulations to Cheyenne, Eli and Maxine, who organized the spectacular extravaganza!

Girl Genius Russian Translation!

Today’s page will be up soon…we’re still finalizing some of the technobabble. Heh.

Tonight at 7:30 we’ll be signing at the Alderwood Mall Barnes & Noble in Lynwood, WA. Please come and see us if you can!

Tomorrow, we’ll be at the Kirkland Geek Gala–there may still be a couple of tickets left, please check out this fun charity event!

In the meantime, if you’re really looking for something to do, you can read the Girl Genius comic in Russian! Yes, thanks to a very dedicated Russian reader, there’s a huge translation of Girl Genius. We’ve made a special place for it on our site, and you can read the whole thing…assuming you can read the whole thing. Erm…Na Zdarovye!

I’ll take this opportunity to give a shout-out to the reader who has been doing the French translation: we really appreciate that! We just haven’t had time to stuff it all into the word balloons…something else for our intrepid new helper Linda to do? The Russian trans. came pre-stuffed, so we were able to pop it up quickly…but we haven’t forgotten you! French soon! We’re inspired, now…

Kirkland Geek Gala: This Saturday!


So, the last I heard, there were still some tickets left for the Kirkland Geek Gala, where Phil and I will be special guests, along with Improv comedy group Unexpected Productions, actress/costumer/gorgeousperson Victoria Schmidt (Scruffy Rebel) and international geek dance sensation Matt Harding of “Where the Hell is Matt?”.

It will be fun! The company will be great, and the venue looks amazing. There will be, among other things, drinks and dinner, and the whole thing is for charity. And I think there are a few tickets left. You should check.

Everyone’s off to play but me…

Phil, Payne, Marie and Carol have just driven off to attend the Spring in Sepia concert with Steam Powered Giraffe and Abney Park. I am left here to clean the ashes out of the fireplace and sing duets with the rats, because I have managed to catch the horrible cold thing my children brought home last week. Sniff. Ah, in reality, there will be no rodent duets, because my throat really hurts. Squeak.

Anyway, they’re all dressed up and look fabulous. I’m horribly jealous. I finally got to give Payne and Marie a copy of the Steampunk Gazette book, which, to our surprise, has two (uncredited) pictures of Payne, a whole sidebar dedicated to Payne’s sister’s hat business (cool!), and a (somewhat inaccurate) writeup of Girl Genius. We’re listed under “Steampunk Superheroes” (ugh) but at least we’re included, which is a step up from a lot of the other Steampunk books out there. It’s a lovely book.