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The second Day of Worldcon


An interesting thing. I am dressed in my usual ensemble (which we refer to as ‘Steampunk Lite’) and I was one of the few people who was comfortable. The folks who run the convention center keep the temperature somewhere in the mid to low 60’s, so everyone in shorts and T–shirts were turning blue. It was so bad that actually exiting into the moist San Antonio heat was downright pleasant. The theory I heard was that the temperature is set for the benefit of the rugs, furniture and fixtures of the building, not the people. I can believe it.

Sales today were pretty good. I’m sure I’ll be shipping stuff home when everything is done, but perhaps not as much as I’d initially thought. Went out to dinner with my old buddy Greg Ketter and his family. We ate at a Mexican place. The food was okay, but everybody in the place was screaming at each other. They had to do this, in order to be heard over the Mariachi players, who were okay, as long as you understood that they were Mariachi players.

Went to the parties after dinner. The vote this year is to decide if the worldcon for 2015 will be in Helsinki, Orlando, or Spokane. We’re kind of pulling for Spokane, because we sort of know them, but I think I’d have fun anywhere we went. Helsinki had reindeer pate and cloudberry liqueur, so they’re trying pretty hard.