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Music Night Happened!


A while ago I backed this KickStarter for Strangely, a musician who is a friend of friends of friends. The reward was that Strangely would come to your house (or workplace, or whatever) and perform a song for you. Hooray! Carol over at Cheapass Games was also a backer, and we decided to combine our rewards into one event…and then things kind of snowballed.

Seriously, we just thought he’d come over, we’d give him some drinks, maybe feed him, and he’d play a song for each of us. Instead, we wound up having a full evening of music featuring Strangely, the Nathaniel Johnstone Band (Nathaniel, Kate and Dogwood), Sarah Shay, her brother Aaron Shay, and even Xanthea, an artist visiting all the way from Perth. It was so much fun! These people have incredible talent, and we were ridiculously lucky to be able to experience so much of it in our own living room.

January can be a hard time of year, when the twinkly lights go down but the nights are still long and dark.  I love the way everything looks, with the silver weather and the beautiful dark nights, but it still hits me hard emotionally. It’s probably chemical. I do a lot with full-spectrum lights. My point is, an evening of wild, cheerful, live music was so very much just the thing for a dark winter’s night. I had no idea. Clearly, I need to get out more.

All of these folks have websites, CDs and/or Patreons and do all kinds of traveling to festivals and events, and are well worth looking up online, and keeping an eye out for local sightings!


We’ll be at booth 704 at ECCC, and the Music my Darn Kid is Listening To

Emerald City ComiCon starts tomorrow, and we’re awash in last-minute preparations. We’ll be at booth 704. I see that Carol has posted a map of the hall on our FaceBook page, so you can check that out if you’re interested. We’re right next to the Dark Horse booth, which makes us feel kind of fancy.

Experiment #1 has been celebrating his sister’s absence (she’s off at camp) by blasting the entire oeuvre of Ninja Sex Party at me. He’s not usually allowed to do this, because no matter how funny the music may be, I won’t feel like a responsible parent unless I make her wait until she’s at least as old as her brother is now to openly listen to songs about (lead singer) Danny Sexbang’s penis. I’m such a grouch. Experiment #1, however, is exactly the right age to appreciate this stuff.

The kid’s desk is in my studio, and about a year ago, I over heard him playing some of their music…and asked what it was, because, frankly, it was kind of great. The look on the kid’s face when he had to tell his mom the name of the band was priceless. Later, he told me that he figured I’d either like it, or ban him from the Internet forever, and he wasn’t sure which it would be. Hah. Lucky for him, I never quite got over playing D&D with the boys in high school, and I come down on the “this is hilarious” side. With a lot of eyerolling. Also I like the music.

I have found music.


I enjoy music. Can’t have it on while I’m writing creatively, but drawing? Nothing better. I have a wide variety of musical tastes. So much so that when I finally transferred all my music to audio files and hauled everything down to the used music store (Yes, I know, I could’ve made a lot more if I’d spent several years EBaying everything myself. Guess what, kids- Life Is Too Short), the proprietor said that I had three different collections worth of diversity. Three? I can do better.

Anyway, I always fear for my musical taste ossifying. I mean, I’ll grant you that music stopped being “good” after Pink Floyd released ‘Animals’ (No. Stop right there- Don’t send me your ecstatic ramblings about ‘The Wall’. It’s over-hyped, anti–intellectual claptrap, and you know it.), but surely The Kids have come up with something clever since then? I mean, seriously, wasn’t disco a thing for awhile there?

Indeed they have, and today I found it. It’s a site called ‘Bandcamp’ (http://bandcamp.com/), and it’s where young, experimental musicians post their projects and let people listen to them, and hopefully, buy them. I purchased a marvelous album by Gordon Withers, ‘Dark Side of the Moon on Cello’, which is exactly what it says it is. He does everything on the cello, which usually works, though when the opening strains of ‘Speak to Me’ started up, Kaja thought her hard drive was melting down. Well, I had to buy it after that, yes?

They also have a weekly podcast that showcases some of the more interesting offerings. It’s the best thing I’ve found since WNYC’s New Sounds (http://www.wnyc.org/shows/newsounds/articles/new-sounds-podcasts/)

This will all come in handy, as I have to step things up and get a week or so ahead on Girl Genius before I can comfortably sweep off to Worldcon and go into a BBQ coma.

Everyone’s off to play but me…

Phil, Payne, Marie and Carol have just driven off to attend the Spring in Sepia concert with Steam Powered Giraffe and Abney Park. I am left here to clean the ashes out of the fireplace and sing duets with the rats, because I have managed to catch the horrible cold thing my children brought home last week. Sniff. Ah, in reality, there will be no rodent duets, because my throat really hurts. Squeak.

Anyway, they’re all dressed up and look fabulous. I’m horribly jealous. I finally got to give Payne and Marie a copy of the Steampunk Gazette book, which, to our surprise, has two (uncredited) pictures of Payne, a whole sidebar dedicated to Payne’s sister’s hat business (cool!), and a (somewhat inaccurate) writeup of Girl Genius. We’re listed under “Steampunk Superheroes” (ugh) but at least we’re included, which is a step up from a lot of the other Steampunk books out there. It’s a lovely book.