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The Second Medal for the Kickstarter!

One of our stretch goals was to do a second medal for the current Kickstarter campaign. Well, we met it, and now I’ve got the design finished. Cheyenne made it look all nice and 3d, and the pin manufacturer is working on the real thing. Here’s the concept art!medal_concept02

If you haven’t yet backed our Kickstarter campaign, remember that it ends on April 12. Thank you, everyone! –Kaja

Steamposium Seattle is Coming this Weekend!

Yes, it’s Steamposim Seattle! The Second annual Steamposium event here in the Northwest, and we’ll be there! As you can see from the lovely poster Cheyenne has created for the con, there will be a reprisal of the traditional airship regatta that he and his wife Eli used to run at Steamcon, back in the day. Phil and I will also be doing a reading, and yes, there WILL be another Girl Genius radio play! We got a couple of big boxes of Steampunk Munchkin in just yesterday, so we’re all set. I hope we’ll see you there! ggmain20150922

Steampunk On The Street


Usually when I think of Steampunk makers, I envision people building things like ornate keyboards, or corsets with light–up buttons, or possibly mechanical claws that dispense exact change. I don’t see a lot of people doing things on an automotive scale, which always surprised me, considering the car culture that pervades much of the United States. Oh, sure, there are a few things, like the Golden Mean (http://formandreform.com/wordpress/?page_id=388) the glorious Snail Art Car, and certainly, one can make an argument that after the Neverwas Haul (http://www.obtainiumworks.net/neverwas-haul/), anything else would be second best.

However I now realize that I was just not looking in the right place. I discovered a periodical, called Rat Rod Magazine (http://ratrodmagazine.com/), which celebrates not just cars, but a particular sub-culture that builds these amazing steampunk looking vehicles that have obviously just smashed their way through a giant robot as they were escaping from some future apocalypse. I’m sure a lot of the folks who build these things would look at me like I was insane if I said their cars were ‘steampunk’, but whether they know it or not, they embrace a lot of what I consider to be the steampunk esthetic. You look at these vehicles, and you can see how they work. How they’re put together. When someone has a clever idea, they don’t hide it behind a firewall, they elevate the thing so it’s sticking up where everyone can see it. They are constantly re-engineering things that you would think people had worked out decades ago, and indeed they had, but these people look at things with a fresh eye and an understanding of new materials and techniques. They are cars built by tinkerers.

They also embrace the idea that a machine that looks like it’s been hard used is more exciting than a machine that looks like it just came out of the box (one of the few things George Lucas got right). Thus, these cars look old. They look like they have been in a fight. They spend time developing patinas and artistically applied rust spots that you’d expect to find in some World War 2 relic that had been discovered in a desert somewhere. These things are works of art. Just google image ‘rat rod’ to see more.

Heard from the jolly folks at TopatoCo, who are handling our Volume 12 Kickstarter fulfillment, that they have over a third of the orders out the door. That’s pretty good work, considering there were close to 4000 backers, plus they’re running an already busy webstore during the Holiday Season. (It is a great place to find something unusual for that odd person you know [http://topatoco.com/])

The weather wizards warn that we might actually have a touch of snow next week, which would be rather jolly (I know that roughly three–quarters of our readers from the U.S. hate me now). We didn’t get any snow at all last year, and The Experiments were forced to try sledding on gravel, which was just pathetic.

Hacking Away At Our Obligations.


One of the things we promised to do, if we reached our Kickstarter goal, was to film us fainting at the news. (Don’t ask me why, but Kaja seemed to think it would be popular) Well, as anyone with a passing interest in these posts knows, we did indeed make our goal– in fact we made all of them, and so this weekend we had to film ourselves fainting. luckily, we secured the help of James Ernest, who is known primarily as the brains behind Cheapass Games (http://www.cheapass.com/), but who lately has discovered that he likes making moves. He took this rather idiotic idea, and made something pretty neat. Here it is (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/girlgenius/girl-genius-volume-12-printing-and-reprint-frenzy/posts). While he was here, he also filmed ‘Mr. Hyde Peels an Orange’, another Kickstarter obligation film, which went rather well, considering. We’re still cleaning spatters of fruit juice up off of the walls, floor and ceiling, and I’m going to have to get some dry-cleaning done, but a jolly time was had by all.

In other business, I have done some work for the local theater scene. A company called Pork Filled Productions, hired me to design the poster for their new steampunk play which will be on the boards this summer; The Clockwork Professor. At the moment they are running a Kickstarter of their own, in order to raise some extra cash so that they can make sets a little more elaborate than tin foil, cardboard and christmas lights. Well worth supporting, as I think that if you’re going to do Steampunk, it should look smartly turned out. Studio Foglio will certainly be there for opening night. (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1086790052/the-clockwork-professor?ref=live)

We are already beginning to gear up for the San Diego Comic-con. It’s our Big Show of the year, and the one that we wanted to get books printed in time for. Kaja is slated for a panel; The Witty Women of Steampunk, which she’s been a part of for the last two years.

I must say that I’ve noticed that I’ve been a lot more relaxed ever since the Kickstarter ended, and that we’ve both been getting a lot more work done. That was kind of the point of the whole thing, but I have to admit that I’m rather surprised that it actually worked. How odd.

Everyone’s off to play but me…

Phil, Payne, Marie and Carol have just driven off to attend the Spring in Sepia concert with Steam Powered Giraffe and Abney Park. I am left here to clean the ashes out of the fireplace and sing duets with the rats, because I have managed to catch the horrible cold thing my children brought home last week. Sniff. Ah, in reality, there will be no rodent duets, because my throat really hurts. Squeak.

Anyway, they’re all dressed up and look fabulous. I’m horribly jealous. I finally got to give Payne and Marie a copy of the Steampunk Gazette book, which, to our surprise, has two (uncredited) pictures of Payne, a whole sidebar dedicated to Payne’s sister’s hat business (cool!), and a (somewhat inaccurate) writeup of Girl Genius. We’re listed under “Steampunk Superheroes” (ugh) but at least we’re included, which is a step up from a lot of the other Steampunk books out there. It’s a lovely book.